FBI Letter to Mob Boss
FBI Letter to Mob Boss

The Mob Experience is proud to present the FBI letter to Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo, tipping off the Mob boss about a major investigation.

Unmarked high-resolution versions are available for viewing and downloading by the holder of the NFT.

This letter is part of the Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo estate that was purchased by the Mob Experience from Jimmy Alo’s daughter, Carol.

This letter was sent to Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo anonymously by an FBI agent. In the letter, the FBI agent states Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo saved the agent’s father’s life. His father's dying wish was that the agent repay the favor to Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo. The agent says he is in a position to honor his father’s wish and repay the favor.

The agent gives detailed intel of an active investigation of the entire organized crime operation with particular interest in Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo. The agent is very detailed, providing names, tapped phone lines and even suggests changing times and locations of upcoming business meetings for his protection. He divulges all known FBI information of an open investigation into organized crime to repay his late father’s obligation to Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo. The agent concludes this is a one time occurrence, his father’s debt has been paid and wished Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo good luck.


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