Bugsy Siegel Handwritten Letter
Bugsy Siegel Handwritten Letter

The Mob Experience is proud to present the Bugsy Siegel letter. This letter is the only known handwritten letter by Bugsy Siegel.

Unmarked high-resolution versions are available for viewing and downloading by the holder of the NFT.

The letter was written by Bugsy Siegel to his wife on a flight to Las Vegas. Bugsy Siegel talks to his wife about their daughters throughout the five page handwritten letter.

After Bugsy Siegel’s wife died, their daughter Barbara helped go through personal belongings. Barbara discovered the letter her mother saved and shared it with her sister, Millicent, Bugsy Siegel’s other daughter.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into the private, family life of a notorious gangster and mobster, Benjamin Bugsy Siegel.


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